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Tri-City Elks Lodge 14 BPOE
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Tri-City 14

1915 West Shore Road
Warwick R.I.
In Loving Memory
Their names will be written upon the tablets of love and memory.
Charles "Chuck" Nelson

Carl Brakenwagen., LM

William Mills LM

Dr. Walter Scott LM

Richard Bugbee,  LM, PSP

Albert "Cookie" DeLory

Taso Golios

Robert Souza

Edw Asprinio, MD, LM

William Brown

Steven Drager

Joseph Kelley

Ira "Ken" Norris

Raymond Forcier

Raymond Erickson, LM

Timothy Harrington, LM

John Coleman, LM

Lawrence Moore

Robert Perretta

John Lydon, Jr.

Arthur Parrillo, Sr. LM

Eugene McCaffrey, LM

Harold Fitzpatrick, LM

William Walaska

John Amaral, LM

Richard Girard, LM

Bernadette Rodrigues

William McElroy, LM

Beatrice Eades

Edward Masse, LM

John Mattos, LM

Rudolph Barber, PER

Richard Kearns. LM

Robert Fugere, LM

Dennis Barlow, LM

Francis Williams

Eileen Lima

Ernest Battey

Robert Poynton, LM